I am a Stockholm based developer specialized in branding and web design.
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Recent projects I have designed & developed.
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This is me.
Designer by day & developer by night. I never sleep… almost.

I’m a designer and concept developer with a wide range of experience in design & development.
Creative minded strategist who delivers exciting and thought leading work for all clients.
Easy to work with, and passionate about developing and focusing my skills on creating amazing work.

I’m based in the beautiful town of Stockholm, Sweden.
I work with projects of all sizes but always with the same approach: to make a difference for my clients and their customers.

What my clients say about me and my work

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web design

Huge audiences, high stakes. Crafting cutting-edge web portals from scratch is my speciality – and I’ve created some amazing ones.

Web development

The latest. The greatest. No matter the tech, I’m on it. So when a technological hurdle presents itself, I’m ready to jump.


Whether it’s the latest responsive technique or a lush app you’re after,
I deliver pocket perfection.


Seek and ye shall find. Search is a little more complicated than when that line was penned, but I have the expertise to ensure you come out on top.

Social media

Since sharing is caring, I’ve embedded social expertise within every department. I’ve found that having social at the heart of everything we do results in work that’s far more shareable.


Whether plotting user journeys or diving into the details, I always put the user first. That results in smoother navigation, greater relevancy, and increased engagement.

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